Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bali Meets Sochi Update

After spending a day at Donna's cutting out the Bali meets Sochi quilt I have been making slow progress.

I spent another day on the lounge room floor working on the layout and realised that I have some more cutting out to do!
 I made the decision to leave that until I have got a large portion of the quilt sewn together. 
And just for those who are wondering, I'm doing it by hand. 
In between working and studying! 
You know that thing called "spare time"!....Lol

Nothing like a little challenge!

Anyway, I'm getting there! 
I added another row today.

This quilt is to be a wedding gift. 
The wedding is in August but I have told the recipient that it will be a while after the wedding until they receive it!

I don't really like bright's but I do love the way this quilt is coming together.

Quilt of Valour

After 2 years and with the help of Mary (mum)
 my Quilt of Valour is finished.

I fell in love with is quilt and the cause it supports.
The brave men and women who have made 
the ultimate sacrifice to bring peace to the world.

The men and women who have made a choice to enter a 
service to ensure that we are kept safe and
 that those who do not have the luxury's
and freedom's that we are lucky to have get a chance in life!

I don't often make quilts for myself, but this one is a keeper! 

I know Donna has her eye on it, but it looks like Atticus
has beaten the two of us to it!

I'm extremely happy with the way this quilt has turned out. 
Hand sewn and hand quilted by me (Kathryn) and binding by Mary aka Mum!