Friday, July 1, 2016

Jean's quilt

Haven't posted for a while, but we're still getting together once a month, enjoying our various projects. Jean had a show and tell item this week, her amazing foundation-pieced quilt, made with batiks, and heavily quilted on her lovely Bernina. Isn't it exquisite?!
We were at Christine's, with Kathryn piecing a sampler quilt, Christine applique-ing a block, Mary knitting something, Alleyne piecing a block, and me stitching my redwork panel. Lots of fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's been a while

Well, time certainly has flown! And I hope we all had fun. And yes, we did get together several more times in 2015, but yours truly wasn't on the ball in terms of blogging.
So here's another year, and I'll try to do better in 2016. We started the year off with a lunch at Pitruzzello's Estate, on a beautiful summer day. All of us except Kathryn and Mary attended, and they were off to see 'Cats'.
Last week we got together for sewing again, all but Christine who had other commitments.
There were a few show 'n tells, first up Jean, who was working on her hexie star quilt. It's coming together beautifully, and shown against the light,
looks like a stained glass window.I'm sure she'll
 be working on this for a while yet.
Then there's Kathryn's challenge quilt from last? year; it's now quilted and bound, and looks just gorgeous. Professional quilting just makes a quilt look perfect.
The other one Kathryn's holding is also finished, a large quilt  in beautiful pastels. I told her thanks for making that for me, but she was very reluctant to give it up. I winder why, lol!!

A friend of mine, Deb, attended and asked me to show her how to knit. The managed the knit stitches very well and had a chunk of it knitted, before I showed her the purl stitch, which was a little more challenging. But Deb managed it, and I look forward to seeing her 'homework' next week.

 Alleyne was working on a new pattern, and trying to figure out the triangles she had cut and how they fit together.
Kathryn was putting the finishing touches on another quilt - you're a machine, girl! This quilt is another one in lovely shabby chic colours, very girly.
FInally, a picture of some felted Christmas animals Alleyne kindly gave us. A mouse, a moose, an owl, and a squirrel, so cute!

Another fun day with lots getting done.