Saturday, April 26, 2014

A small gathering

Yesterday, it ended up being Jean and I for our monthly sit n sew. The others were unable to come due to Anzac weekend activities. But the two of us had a lovely time nattering and sewing. Jean had brought her latest table runner along, in lovely cool blues. Must make another one of these sometime, they're so nice.
Peeking out is a little teaser - Jean finished Nancy's challenge quilt. But perhaps we'll unveil next month. Mine is just being quilted.
Jean started the binding on that beautiful strip quilt, with all the points (I think it was a Judy Niemeyer one). I didn't feel like quilting, so I started a new knitted scarf.
When I say I started - I had to undo it 4 times before I got the pattern right!! My brain wasn't in it...