Monday, September 1, 2014

August meeting

There were a few show-n-tells this month. Alleyne started off with her completed Canadian quilt. She used an attic window design with Nancy's fabrics, and did all her own machine quilting, clever puss! Love all the scattered moose!
 Kathryn also had some interesting things to show - first her American Eagle quilt, all hand pieced and quilted. Doesn't it look fantastic?! It certainly inspired me to attempt my own version of an American quilt.
Then Kathryn showed us her jaw-dropping piece de resistance  -
a beautiful Reproduction star quilt, lovingly hand pieced over the last 9 years, machine quilted by Kerry, and the final touch (binding) painstakingly applied by Mary. A true heirloom quilt.

Not only dd the front look beautiful, the gorgeous quilting can be seen on the back and is a beautiful quilt in itself.
 Kathryn is also charging ahead with her "When Sochi meets Bali" quilt. It's really coming together well.
Finally, Jean showed us her latest project, a miniature quilt in pretty blues. Love the little tulips in the corners.

Alleyne was hand quilting one of her projects, I was piecing one of my challenges, Mary and Jean were reading quilting books and mags, and Kathryn was working on her Sochi/Bali quilt.

We also celebrated Mary's birthday with some cake and afternoon tea and bubbly! Lovely to quilt with all these talented ladies.


  1. What a talented group you are Donna....such beautiful quilts!

  2. Sue, all these ladies in the Gisborne groups inspire me! They all like something different and like trying new things, so it never gets old.

  3. Lovely quilts ladies. Especially Kathryn's star quilt..stunning!
    Cheers from Canada.
    Cathy (friend of Nancy)

  4. Thanks Cathy. It's a very special quilt.